A wallet of about 18 million yen is found from the wall of the bathroom, but the discoverer gets a strange eye

From the bathroom wall of the house near Cleveland's Erie Lake, two green safes were found by the builder. It seems that banknotes of 18 million dollars (about 18 million yen) were in the inside.

It is an unexpected treasure like coming out in a fairy tale, but money seems to be involved, so it seems to be a serious problem after discovery.

Details are as below.
Cash found in Ohio house's walls effectively nightmare: NPR

Amanda Reece, the owner of the house, asked Bob Kitts, a classmate who was a high school classmate, to do renovation. In the middle of renovation Bob decided to find a safe suspended by wire under the cupboard in the bathroom.

Bob who found the safe

They counted the banknotes that were in the safe and photographed the memorial photos

However, how to allocate money becomes a problem, Amanda proposed to give only 10%. Bob requested 40%, and the discussion could not be resolved.

Old banknotes discovered

There is also an envelope with the name of the sender "P. Dunne News Agency." In the safe, and that descendants of Patrick Dunne who hid money on the wall have the right to get the money found It turns out after a month. The money they can receive is less, and Bob got only thousands of dollars.

However, some of the money in the safe is already in use, Amanda is used for Hawaii trip for $ 14,000, and it is said that some $ 60,000 has been stolen by someone. Amanda did not notify the police, but he claimed that he stole Bob. The lawyer did not think that someone had stolen, but he could not prove that there was no theft, and it seems that Bob has lost a lot of work by reporting.

"I regret not having discovered a safe in that I could never have an experience that I can not do anymore, and I was excited to see an incredible big money in front of me," Bob says.

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