Tokyo Game Show 2008 opening, all articles list Summary

At Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, Chiba prefecture for 4 days from October 9 (Thur) to 12 (Sun)Alright, let's go! It is time of GAME."With the theme of 209 exhibitors, the largest number of booths exhibited in 1768 booths, and the number of exhibited titles is the largest number of 879 titles on the scale"Tokyo Game Show 2008"Will start from today.

For the latter two days anyone can enter the public release date, the latest video of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest and the latest and undisclosed new works of each game maker will be released. There are already unusual numbers of presses and stakeholders rushing from early in the morning and it is very lively. GIGAZINE decides to link all the articles on this Tokyo Game Show 2008, the first day as below, so if you post this article in favorites it may be lucky.

Tokyo Game Show 2008, the whole article list is summarized from the following.
■ October 09, 2008 11:18:01
"Monster Hunter 3 (Try)" released the latest playable movie

■ October 09, 2008 13: 25: 00 second
"Gundam Musou 2" Space Battle and Ground Battle Playable High Quality Movie Release

■ October 09, 2008 15:40 minutes 00 seconds
Reverse trial series latest work "Reversal Prosecutor" High resolution movie that understands the actual playing situation and such

■ October 09, 2008 15: 42: 00 second
"Devil castle Dracula Judgment" which Ken Kobata of "DEATH NOTE" performed a character drama introduction & playable high definition movie

■ October 09, 2008 15:55:00
I tried a charge on the Square · Enix booth which is publishing images including the undisclosed scene of "Final Fantasy XIII"

■ October 09, 2008 16: 20: 00 seconds
"Tenshin 4" High-definition playable movie & companion Explanatory movie

■ October 09, 2008 21: 28: 00 second
"BIOHAZARD 5 (Biohazard 5)" depicting the world after the first biohazard after 10 years High quality playable movie

■ October 09, 2008 21:32 minutes 00 seconds
"True · Sankoku Musou MULTI RAID" which became possible for the first 4 people cooperation play in the series Playable Movie

■ October 09, 2008 22:13:00, 2008
"PS Renka with everyone" revived as PS3 software for the first time in 25 years, unveiled a high-definition playable movie in waste

■ October 09, 2008 22:55:00
There is also an animation scenario of TYPE-MOON "428 - Shielded Shibuya at ~ ~", Trial case entrance trial gift when playing on the test stand

■ October 09, 2008 23: 06 minutes 00 seconds
Vibration movie of "Straight-wicking city 3-Falling city and her songs" where the earthquake experience machine was set up

■ October 09, 2008 23: 13: 00 second
Ghibli and Level 5 show dream RPG "Nino kokoro" handed together, book of luxurious bindings to be shipped

■ October 09, 2008 23: 34: 00 second
A movie that waves a lot of beauty companions line up in a row Tokyo Game Show 2008 First Day Final

· Bonus: The opening ceremony was held from 9:30 in the morning

A huge Norton fighter appears before the venue.


Representative booth companions

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