"True · Sankoku Musou Musou MULTI RAID" became possible for the first 4 players in the series Playable Movie in Tokyo Game Show 2008

Of this time"Shin Sangoku Musou MULTI RAID"Unlike the Muso series so far, it is possible to play up to 4 players by ad hoc communication, and it is said that" to control an impregnable armed base ". Also, by receiving damage from the enemy, "awakening gauge" increases, and it is said that "true · musou awakening" can be activated. Elements such as breeding elements are also included, and it has become quite different finish from now.

So, the movie playback of "True · Sankoku Musou Musou MULTI RAID" playable movie (TGS 2008 limited edition) which enabled the first 4 players to cooperate in the series is as follows.
Shin Sangoku Musou MULTI RAID

The appearance of the exercise is like this


Price will be undecided on winter release this year

How to use the controller

Playable movie part 1

Playable movie part 2

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