"Devil castle Dracula Judgment" which Ken Kobata of "DEATH NOTE" performed a character drama introduction & playable high-definition movie in Tokyo Game Show 2008

For over 20 years, the popular "Akumajo Dracula" series finally "Akumajo Dracula Judgment"Wii as" 3D battle action "appeared, will be released on January 15, 2009. By doing an attack by "shaking" action using Wii remote control and nunchaku, I have taken a movie about what kind of experiment was going on.

Also, this time we are hiring Ken Obata, famous for "DEATH NOTE" etc, because all the characters of the past that appeared in past series are gathered together, I am reborn as cool design.

So, the reproduction of the movie that explained the reason why you appointed "Akumajo Dracula Judgment" character introduction & playable movie, and Obata Ken from the following.
Akumajo Dracula Judgment

Appearance character

Akumajo Dracula Judgment appearance Character introduction movie

Title logo

The booth looks like this

Inside is like this and you can try out

Akumajo Dracula Judgment Play Description Movie

Akumajo Dracula Judgment Mr. Obata Obama reason explanation movie

(C) 2008 Konami Digital Entertaiinment

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