"It seems that Eee Box's D drive is shipped with the virus infected", so I actually bought it and tried it out

According to Talekomi, who was around 11:55 on October 3, "It was released"Eee BoxIt seems that a virus came out from Drive D of " Apparently, I am pleased if you can interview me "If you check the information on the net, it seems that the virus has been mixed in at the beginning of D drive, it is executed as soon as you open the D drive, it gets infected It seems to go.

So, in order to confirm the truth, I bought it by haste and confirmed it.

"Eee Box's D drive is shipped with the virus infectedWhether it is true or not, details are from the following.
The first report went up is the bulletin board of price .com.

Price .com - ASUS Eee Box B202-BLK Reviews "Watch out for virus! "

Nya Taro

I arrived today and discovered a folder icon "....." that I am not used to starting up during setup gladly.
Since I became interested in installing NOD 32 and making a search,
A trojan named "Win32 / FlyStudio.NBH trojan" got caught.
The location is c: \ windows \ system32 and d: \ and the name is Recycled.exe.
Autorun.inf is hidden in the system file attribute in d: \, and it reads the above file. It is probably because it was timestamp of August 12, 2008 and it was probably interrupted at the time of shipment.

There is a possibility that IE was caught somewhere in the middle of picking up the driver from Asus or Intel, but please be careful just in case.

2008/10/02 21: 42 [8445755]

And in the situation that reporting will be continued in the following thread one after another.

Eee Box 1st machine

619: Nameless: 2008/10/02 (Thurs) 23: 59: 58 0
Get on sale safely. To be honest, I did not even have to open a store dash.

It works crisply for usual usage and the sound of the fans is quiet and satisfying. Oh, the mouse has moved w
However, turning off the main body turns out that high frequency oscillation sound comes out from the AC adapter.
People who are worrisome because they are bigger than I thought should be careful of where to place the AC adapter.

I put a NOD 32 in the setting and it got impatient when flystudio called Troy was detected.
As I was watching Eee Box related blog while putting NOD 32, it may have been something.
In case of leakage,Infected files on d: \ recycled.exe and autorun.infThere,
When opening drive D with double click, autorun started recycled.exe.
Shortcut garbled on startupThere was a place.
Although it can not be thought that HDD was infected at the time of shipment at all whatever it is just in case attention.

I was able to disinfect Troy but I feel unpleasant so I recovered from my recovery partition.
Recovery succeeds without any problems. I used Norton Ghost.

So, I ran to Yodobashi and bought it. This is a box.

I saw the package

This is the package containing the main body

I opened it.


Problematic EeeBox appeared

The size is small, small. It is much smaller than expected. After the verification, I plan to use it as a test server.

So, when disassembling it to remove the hard disk, it is possible to remove it by removing the EeeBox's warranty seal in this part and removing this screw under it. This probably will not be able to receive warranty.

To pull out

The hard disk was a 2.5 inch SATA connection made by Seagate

Is not this infected by the virus at the time of shipment? Something with suspicion.

I decided to recognize it externally as it is and check the contents.

I am trying to do something as soon as I recognize it. "F" on the screen, but on EeeBox it will be "D" drive.

NOD 32When I scanned the virus by virus, it certainly detected "Win32 / FlyStudio.NBH trojan", what is it? This is a so-called Trojan horse type virus, probably infecting personal information and becoming a stepping stone for the bot.

Inside of EeeBox's D drive is like this. "Recycled.exe" is the body of the virus.

This is the contents of "autorun.inf". When trying to open the D drive, the file "autorun.inf" for automatic startup is executed, and the virus body Recycled.exe is executed.

Movie detected at the moment

So it is confirmed that Eee Box 's D drive is shipped with the virus infected, so I will call Asus now to confirm.

2008/10/03 15:23
As a result of calling Asus, I confirmed that "I am currently checking with the headquarters in response to that information."

2008/10/03 20:24
It seems that phone calls are coming from Yodobashi camera to purchaser, and GIGAZINE also received a call. Apparently it seems that a collection order has been issued.

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"Eee Box" shipped and sold with virus mixed in D drive, collection / exchange decision without charge - GIGAZINE

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