Canned fish of "pig brains" which seems to be quite bad for the body

There seems to be a can which is quite unhealthy and changed in America. Canned food named "Pork Brains", as the name impliesPork brains. The pig's brain is milkGravy sourceIt is a canned food that you can not readily see in Japan that it is included with.

Although I can not imagine just this, I doubt my eyes, especially at an glance, with a cholesterol amount that can not be considered normal.

Details are from the following.
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The amount of cholesterol contained is "3500 mg". Amount of intake cholesterol recommended for day of adult American adults1170%It seems like a rather unhealthy food. About 12 eggs, about 30 cuts if it is Castella, about 1000 grams of cholesterol if it is ice cream, I have taken it in one can of this canned food can not be taken enough for normal meals , It can be seen that cholesterol is contained. Pork brains taste like white birch.

Cholesterol values ​​refer to the following.
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You can see the actual eating movie from the following.
YouTube - Pork Brains

Even just canned foods are shocking, but from Romania you have pig brains, in China there are pig brains soup and swine brains Mahbo etc.

Deep fried pork brains
Romania Ideal: Pig brains

Pork brain shoop soup
Pork brain shop soup

Pork brains Mahabo
Beijing's blue sky - Can you see the sky today? : First experience! Pork brains maid

I am wondering if there are places to eat pig brains even in Japan.

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