Fujitsu to introduce high-performance EeePC counterpart low-priced laptop computer that dominates other companies domestically

ASUS's low-priced notebook PC "EeePC" series is bustling in the market,As the domestic manufacturer for the first time to sell lower-priced notebook computers overseas FujitsuHowever, it seems to intend to introduce a low price laptop computer for domestic use as well.

In addition, products for domestic products will be models that are more sophisticated and lower in price than the models that competitors sell.

Details are as follows.
FujiSankei Business i. Comprehensive / Compact notebook PC of over 70,000 yen Fujitsu, putting it in the country next summer

According to the Nippon Kogyo Shimbun news report, Fujitsu said that it will release low-priced laptop computers in the range of 70,000 yen to 80,000 yen in Japan, North America, etc. around the summer of 2009.

Unlike low-priced laptops that have already been decided to be sold in Singapore and Hong Kong from around 500 dollars (about 53,000 yen) to 600 dollars (about 63,800 yen) since November, It will be a functional model.

In addition, Fujitsu is a small notebook computer "Atom"LOOX UAlthough it is releasing, the model to be introduced in the country is positioned as "a model that conforms to the LOOX series", and seeking low price and high function by selling at the nearly half price of the current "LOOX U" We are trying to sell it to the audience.

It seems that it will be slightly higher than the price range of 5 to 60,000 yen which is the current low price laptop computer including "EeePC 901", but it may be good news for those who want performance of upgrading anymore I do not think so.

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