"Tekken 6 BLOODLINE REBELLION (tentative name)", information released at the 46th AM show is like this

I watched "Tekken 6 BLOODLINE REBELLION (tentative name)" at the BANDAI NAMCO booth of the 46th Amusement Machine Show held today. We added two new characters "Arisa Bosconovic" and "Lars Alexander son", and it is the largest number of 40 in the series. Added and renewed existing techniques to new characters, renewed game balance, new stage added. It seems to add a hair customization system which can increase your item and increase hairstyle parts by combining hairstyle parts.

Details are as below. (2008/09/18 14:23 Update, add images of new characters and items).

The new character Lars Alexanderson.

Also the new character Arisa Bosconovic.

Mishima Ichiba

Kazama Hin

The battle scene of Lars and Alisa.

Characters equipped with new items.

New technique added to existing characters.

New stage.


In addition, the data of Tekken 6 is handoverable (part excluded).

"Tekken 6 BLOODLINE REBELLION (tentative name)"
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