Art expressing the life in the water taken 70 years ago

These are underwater photographs reproducing the life on the ground taken by Mr. Bruce Mozert, a photographer born in 1916.

Mozert made his own camera that can be used underwater, and he took many pictures over about 45 years, so I can see pictures that seems quite clear underwater.

Details are as below.Vintagephoto: 1938 underwater photography by Bruce Mozertom

Burabu cue. The standing smoke is expressed using condensed milk.

People in the photograph are smiling so everyone seems to be very comfortable.

Newspaper read underwater.

Telephone is quite retro.

It is easy to fly but it seems difficult to land.

Caring for the garden.

Golf without worry of falling into the pond.

Mozert's camera is like this. It has become an antique-like design.
The Life Aquatic with Bruce Mozert | Travel | Smithsonian Magazine

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