A baseball player who is home in to avoid the touch of the catcher brilliantly

A runner that aims at homebase usually makes the best effort to reach the home earlier than a sphere in the usual case, but in some cases it may be known how to make it in time.

However, it never gives up, but it seems that there are many athletes who are taking a tricky move and avoiding the touch of the catcher, and they are homely in.

Details are as below. Dodge the catcher and pass the home, avoiding the hands trying to touch home in.
Runner Fakes-Out Catcher - CollegeHumor video

Jump over the catcher and jump into the home and move forward.
YouTube - Baseball - Ridiculous flip over the catcher

Some athletes are beaten by lariat without avoiding the catcher. By the way, the judgment that the referee issued was safe.
YouTube - WebGem: Runner Destroys Catcher at Home; Benches Empty

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