An experimental movie that reacts mentos and cola in zero gravity state

Phenomena in which you can insert a mentos into a cola in a plastic bottleMentos GeyserIt is a movie filmed with a high-speed camera to perform experiments in the zero gravity state.

Unlike the ground, instead of putting mentos in the cola, we are experimenting to keep the cola clinging to mentos, but will bubbles of mentos Geyser also become spherical like liquids?

Details are as below. A state of the experiment captured by the high-speed camera.
YouTube - Diet Coke Mentos in Zero G at 300 fps

There is not much flashy phenomenon in the movie, but Robert Woodhead Wilmington who conducted the experiment reported that there were three problems in the blog.

Diary of a Mad Overlord: Menticulation of Diet Coke in Microgravity!

The first one was a pseudo zero gravity state using an airplane, so it was not completely weightless, the second was that we could not control the cola well, and the third was a movie The focus is not exactly matched. These are said to be the next point to be improved.

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