Wonder medicine that may change your life in the near future

Although it has not been put to practical use yet, it seems that drugs are being researched that make life dramatically change if practicalized. Everything from women as any woman to epoch-making ones as a woman, it is something that I've thought of as being "seriously good ..." in the near future It seems that the world of people has gradually approached gradually.

However, it seems that there are various problems, and I am wondering how many years later it will be put into practical use.

Details are from the following.1. Cancer Vaccine

Medicines that make antibodies against cancer cells and enhance the natural immune response of the body are being studied. Even if it can be prevented by a vaccine, cancer cells change their shape again and harm them again, so it seems that they are continuing research to solve this problem.

2. Male contraceptives

Viagra seems to be listed as one of the world 's best - selling drugs in the medical world, and it seems that medicine on sex is thought to be highly sellable. Currently research on drugs that control sperm production and drugs to prevent ejaculation seems to be under way, but it is difficult to make tablets. Moreover, it seems that it has been plagued by social problems as well.

It is written in more detail below.
Oral contraceptive for men will appear - GIGAZINE

3. Medicine to control poisoning symptoms

Today, poisoning symptoms seem to be thought to be one kind of disease, not human mental weakness, and research seems to be progressed. Especially research on alcohol poisoning and narcotic dependence seems to be progressing, but finally I am aiming to develop medicines that are effective for all dependency symptoms (gambling, sex dependence, etc.). NeurotransmitterDopamineFocusing on how to deal with it, it seems that suppression of poisoning symptoms may be suppressed by suppressing this dopamine. Where as a dopamine inhibitorGABAIt seems that substance called attention is attracting attention.

4. Drugs that burn fat

It seems like medicines that have been studied for a long time. In experiments using mice, it seems that fat ingestion is burned no matter how lazy you take medicine. If it is put into practical use, it may be easy to do.

5. Anti-aging medicine

Including wine etcResveratrolIt seems that medicines based on a substance called a drug are being studied, and it seems that life has prolonged by fruit flies and experimental rats in the experiment. However, it is still being studied whether human beings will be effective or not.

6. Medicine that improves memory

Medicines designed for patients with Alzheimer 's disease or mental disorders may become drugs that improve memory.

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