Very similar real Mario and Luigi

It seems that Mario · Segalli who asked for payment of rent during the conference that became the basis of Mario's design, but a photograph was taken in which Mario and Luigi were taken together with an exceptionally similar group .

I think that most people would look like Mario if they match whiskers and clothes, but it seems that people similar to this do not seem to be so.

Details are as below. The shape of the mustache and face, and the characteristics of the two married brothers Mario are surprisingly out.

Because they are too similar, they are further processed into images and are wearing clothes of Mario and Luigi.
Maroyluigi on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Incidentally, Mario Segali's image image of becoming the source of Mario is like this.Not real Mr. SegaryAlthough it seems to be convincing if it is told that it is becoming the source of Mario.

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