The movie "Dragon Ball" which was scheduled to be released next spring, the crisis entered due to the low quality

It seems that shooting is proceeding smoothlyWas reported,Prior to the world in spring break of 2009 decided to be pre-published in JapanAlthough it was Hollywood live-action movie version "Dragon Ball", it seems that there is a possibility that it will enter the store without opening up.

Details are as below.
Fox Considering Scrapping Dragonball Movie? - Film Junk

According to the information FilmJunk got from an anonymous source, Fox movie 's great people checked the film for the movie "Dragon Ball" so far, it seems to be considering entering the film collection. We have already budgeted over 100 million dollars (about 11 billion yen) for shootingSchedule for all trilogy, FilmJunk says that Fox movies might choose to go to warehouse to suppress further losses.

Movie cast decisionAlthough it was somewhat uneasy from the time of the day, it seems that it was quite terrible what made it. However, it seems that I would like to see it for a while if I understand from the beginning that it is "a terrible movie".

Postscript: On 17th OctoberA trailer of live-action movie version "Dragon Ball" will be releasedIt is said that.

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