"Warp navigation" appearing in science fiction movies, animation, etc. can be realized

It seems there is a way to move faster than the speed of light. This is so-called "Warp navigationIt is what is called,Interstellar navigationWhich is the method ofSuper light speed navigationUnlike the point, it is point that it is feasible.

Details of what it is possible with what reason is possible from the following.
Star Trek warp drive is a possibility, say scientists - Telegraph

Gerald Cleaver and Richard Obousy, Associate Professors of Physics say that it is feasible to move beyond the speed of light without breaking existing laws of physics. In order to realize this extraordinary thing, the anti-gravity of the universe "Dark energy (Dark energy)It is necessary to use ".

Dark energy - Wikipedia

Dark energy is a virtual energy that spreads throughout the universe and has negative pressure and is effectively exerting its effect as "repulsive gravity".

The cosmic constant was first suggested by Albert Einstein as a way to obtain a steady solution of a field equation that represents a static universe (ie, it was practically used to balance dark energy with gravity ).

The true identity of this dark energy is almost a matter of speculation in the present situation. Many people think that the dark energy is a vacuum energy represented by the cosmological constant (Λ) of general relativity, indeed, this is the simplest explanation for dark energy. Cosmic constants can be interpreted as uniform density dark energy that exists throughout the universe regardless of time or cosmic expansion. This is a form of dark energy introduced by Einstein and is not contradictory to our current observations. If the dark energy takes such a form, this will show that dark energy is a fundamental feature of the universe.

According to the theory of relativity, it is impossible to exceed the speed of light, but this is only true for the case of the "flat universe", and there is no speed limit for the universe itself. In other words, by using this dark energy to form a "bubble" it shrinks and moves fragments of the universe. Sensually it seems to be like a "surfer riding a wave". The spacecraft is pushed by this "bubble of space", and this bubble moves faster than the speed of light.

Also, this new warp drive is "string theory (String theory) ", Indicating that the universe is composed of multidimensional. Currently we can recognize up to 4 dimensions consisting of height, width, length and time, but according to this string theory there are up to 10 dimensions in total and the way to promote the spacecraft faster than the speed of light It may be possible to change the intensity of dark energy by. This is made possible by changing the dimensional dimension of 10 dimensions.

I do not know exactly what I am saying anymore, but when will it actually be realized?

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