This computer sinks to hell, as if it were a five-sized USB memory

as if"An indulgence of the OxUSB memory like a five-point nail striking a straw doll when "NaiedIt is a picture of.

Since it looks like a big nail stuck in a PC when using it,USB memory like a torn USB cableIt may be good to purchase as joke goods together with it.

Details are as follows.
This is a USB memory "nailed". The capacity is 2GB and the price is 29.5 euro (about 5000 yen).

I inserted it in a desktop computer.

It is somehow a surreal sight ....

I inserted it in the notebook computer. Iron is used as a material, so gloss is real.

The official page is from the following.

It is a troublesome thing at the moment that it is troubled by how to use after showing off the neta because of the strong sense of one story.

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