Record capacity dramatically increased at low price, SSD exclusive for "EeePC 901" released

It was decided today that an inexpensive SSD with a dramatically increased recording capacity will be released for the latest model "EeePC 901" of popular low-priced notebook PC "EeePC" released from ASUS on July 12 .

Sufficiently convincing performanceNonetheless, "EeePC 901" is unlikely to have the recording capacity of 12 GB, but it may be nice to be able to increase the recording capacity inexpensively.

Details are as follows.
Built-in SSD for Eee PC 901-X | SHD-EP 9M series

According to this page, Buffalo seems to release two models of exclusive SSD that can be used in place of the 8 GB SSD built in "EeePC 901". The price is direct sales, the 32 GB model is 16,000 yen, the 64 GB is 32,000 yen.

This is the main body. This is a 64GB model.

This will make it possible to extend the capacity to a maximum of 68 GB at a low price and replace it with ease because it can be replaced only by removing the cover on the bottom of the main unit.

I removed the cover on the bottom of the main unit.

In addition, because it is very inexpensive, I feel like trying to explore other uses, but because it has its own shape, it seems to be exclusive to EeePC 901.

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