A fountain with the same height as the 50th floor building will be built in Dubai

EMAAR real estate, a royal company developing Dubai, has announced plans to build the world's largest fountain next time. The water sprayed from a powerful spray seems to be designed to reach a height of 150 meters corresponding to a 50 - story building.

Details are as below.World's Largest Fountain Building In Dubai - Emaar Water Spectacle

Expected completion of the fountain.

The fountain has 6600 lights and 50 projectors installed. It seems that Illumination and sound shows will be available as well.

A large fountain with a total length of 275 meters.

Water is blown up to 150 meters high not to beat the skyscrapers around.

The total construction cost will be about 23.2 billion yen, but it is said that 10 million tourists of Burj Dubai can attract each year. The name of the fountain has not yet been decided, and it seems that the prize money of about 2.9 million yen will be issued to the named person.

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