A road sign indicating the number of people who died in a traffic accident is dangerous and removed

Northumberland in the north of England said that there is a road sign indicating the number of people who died in a traffic accident. However, it seems that the sign has been decided to be removed as a risk to the driver.

Certainly a small person may see driving in danger.

Details are as below.BBC NEWS England Tyne Road death warnings now a hazard

In the beginning of 1990, 20 signs spreading understanding of traffic accident death to the driver were installed to Northamberland's A1 signpost. However, due to too many signs the driver was tormented by excessive information, and the Highway Agency insisted that it would be a risk factor, and all of them were to be removed at the end of the fiscal year.

There are some signs that recorded the number of casualties or injuries for three years, and others were written only as "Do not Speed."

"The sign to be removed is experimentally set up in the beginning of 1990. However, the research found that there was no noticeable impact on traffic accidents.In recent research, the driver suffered from increasing information It is shown that the signs are not to prevent traffic accidents but to distract attention, "a spokesperson for the Highway Agency says.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of the British Automobile Association stated that a sign indicating the number of casualties is important for position adjustment of the speed camera, and a spokesperson of the road service group RAC would like to replace it with a sign that displays the real-time traffic speed I said.

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