Microsoft's Steve Ballmer avoids eggs thrown during the lecture

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said he was throwing several eggs during a lecture at a university in Hungary. Because it was not far, it seemed like a clean hit, but I could say that I could safely avoid it.

A movie that actually recorded the movie is released, but I am surprised that I was able to avoid it.

Details are as follows.
Steve Ballmer egged at Hungarian University | The Open Road - The Business and Politics of Open Source by Matt Asay - CNET Blogs

According to this page, Microsoft 's Steve Ballmer gave a lecture at the Hungarian university, one of whom said he threw a few eggs. Fortunately Steve Ballmer avoided in the place, so the egg did not hit.

The man who threw the eggs said that "Microsoft is stealing the Hungarian's huge taxes," and said that he was on such a protest.

A movie of this being thrown down. I am avoiding it by all means.
YouTube - Steve Ballmer Gets the Egg - Treatment in Budapest

Having failed to hit is unfortunate, but why did you end up throwing eggs ...?

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