The second nationwide homosexual certified state birth, a picture of homosexuals who kiss and rejoice

On 15 May the California Supreme Court ruled a gay marriage and the second state of homosexual witness official province was born following the state of Massachusetts. Governor Schwarzenegger, who had expressed opposition to the past, has also announced respecting this sentence. The same-sex marriage ruling in California, the country's largest population, is a matter of what kind of influence it will have on other states in the future.

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Schwarzenegger says he respects court's marriage ruling - Los Angeles Times

People who rejoice in the ruling. Male gays

Female gay people.

I am filing a marriage notification immediately.

It seems that outsiders were dealt.

A map showing the intentions of each province against the results of this ruling. It can be seen that the tendency that the inland area is opposite is strong. How will it change in the future?

Judgment based on the majority opinion of four out of seven judges. It is considered to have been quite controversial.
Although the same sexual marriage is actually established by this ruling, the opposition faction seems to start procedures for preliminary injunction and proposal of provisional injunction in order to invalidate the judgment. Also, as Republican candidate McCain clarifies his opposition to gay marriage, if the same sexual marriage problem emerges as the issue of the presidential election in the ruling this time, it is also expected that the presidential election will have considerable influence It seems to be.
I am concerned about how this will affect the American society from this ruling

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