Moss Burger deficit of 300 million yen, 88 stores closed by the end of March 2009

It is expected that Mos Burger will post a deficit of 300 million yen, and it will be expected to fight Kibishii in the next fiscal year, so we will close 88 stores by the end of March 2009.

Which store will be closed at the same time? I called Mos Burger and asked.
Moss burger deficit 300 million yen, closing 88 stores - Economic news:

MOS BURGER [Company / IR information: To all investors]

PDF file of financial summary for the fiscal year ended March 2008Looking at it, it seems that it has a considerable sense of crisis as a matter of course, and it is a prospect as follows.

Regarding the outlook for the next fiscal year, due to continued rise in prices due to continued sharp rise in raw material costs, customers' living defense consciousness is still deeply rooted, especially in the restaurant industry, rising costs for securing human resources, competition with competitors beyond industries We intensify competition and recognize that the business environment surrounding the Group is more severe than ever.

Therefore, it seems that we plan to close 88 more stores next fiscal year. However, it plans to open new stores as well as closing.

On the other hand, in the site development strategy, we plan to actively close stores that have completed the mission on location, and strictly manage profitability concerning new openings. Through these measures, closing of unprofitable stores will be completed, and we will build a stronger earnings base.

However, even if I looked at the materials of the financial results announcement, I did not write "Closing 88 stores" anywhere, so I actually contacted the Mos Burger 's "About IR Information" phone number and checked,88 closed unprofitable stores by the end of March 2009Where will you close and when at the accounts briefing on 26th this month? We will announce details such as.

I just pray that my neighbor's Mos Burger will not go away ... ....

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