Headline news on 25th April 2008

In "Makinaka" "Do not mingle", another selection was chosen and the series restarted "Rozen Maiden". The story of the part serialized in "Comic Birds"Today launched from Shueisha as a new version. Is it popular enough to restart serialization after changing the publisher, will this new comic series be produced again if this comic sells?

So, next MondayApril 28. On April 28th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

Puppet art in the streets when an unknown person sees - GIGAZINE

Russian waste line exploration - GIGAZINE

More than 600 icon collections available for free "Crystal Clear" - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Mecha AG - Women legislators are not interested in youth issues(Only political and youth issues have room for success)

"We are ready to go forward without Yahoo" - CEO of Ballmer at MS said: News - CNET Japan(Acquisition, there is no plan to raise the offer amount to Yahoo!)

Google launches image advertisement distribution service for mobile phones: ITpro(Advertisement, newly available with "AdWords")

I can not insert CM as much as the 4th TV! Vigorous video business profitability: ITpro(Video sharing, 25% of broadcasting space on TV is CM)

The fifth editor-in-chief of the NY Times, "The business model of the newspaper company is breaking" and a sigh: ITpro(Media, young generation's newspaper departing is going even in the United States)

J-CAST News: "If the former boy is killed the bereaved is happy" Associate Professor Aosaki intensive fire(Flames, 2 Channels to make a fuss)

Net service to make by myself: I want to make a service that makes uku around the world, want to sell ___ taskit.jp · mizzu (1/3) - ITmedia Biz.ID(Net service, history of twists and turns up to now)

Bench table with motherboard diagonally placed and improved maintainability: ITpro(Hardware, easy to maintain while sitting)

Domestic PC shipment in 2007, exceeding 1.13 trillion yen at 9.3 million units - JEITA: ITpro(The percentage of hardware and notes is 69.1%, the highest ever)

About putting a cover on the iPod About stupidity - writing a diary [· _ __ ·] Hayamiyuzu(Hardware, various reasons are mentioned)

Antec, full tower case that can mount up to 9 HDDs(Hardware, shop front estimated price is around 27,800 yen)

[RSA Conference] Virus pretending to read blogs - experts comment on the latest threats: ITpro(All methods have been devised to avoid security and anti-virus software)

Panel discussion by an acclaimed software developer and a test engineer how to break down the situation in the field "I know that I should test it but can not do it in reality" ITpro(It is a tough fact that development and testing are expensive)

Do not lean on the user's words: ITpro(Development, action habits to advise customers are necessary)

"Characteristics of au are lost" - President Onodera, KDDI President, On the mobile phone business: a sense of crisis: mobile channel - CNET Japan(The image that mobile, advanced is thinning)

Yahoo's top page Road to renewing · Web development story Internet - latest news: IT-PLUS(Net service, the result that made the design looking at the next decade a new top page)

Despite evolution, Web 2.0 is concerned about 'concentration of power', O'Reilly gives a lecture(Net, change due to Web 2.0 is just the beginning)

ZERO spindle Let 's note entity: whether to take high-speed SSD or take up large capacity HDD - drive "Let'snote R 7" top level machine (2/3) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Total performance is up by installing hardware and SSD)

The unpopular IT industry and engineers who change the world "Alpha Geeks": ITpro(IT, personal power is increasing)

Talk about security efforts at Google(Security, not saying not to do anything, but to decide what we must do)

The system that 6000 people made always moves: ITpro(System, what is called "Day 2" by Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ Banking System Integration Project goes from consecutive holidays or moves safely?

Atsushi Takahashi's "Macintosh is OK!" 13th: How to strengthen the Mac standard browser "Safari" with a plug-in? - ITmedia + D PC USER(It seems to be convenient to introduce software and plug-in)

Is Open Source Excellent: Open Source GTD of Ikoshi Masami: ITpro(Software, most of open source is "to dare to say")

The real reason that the latter-stage elderly medical care system is criticized as "contemporary abandoned mountain" | Masafumi Tsuji prism + one | Diamond Online(The system, the late stage elderly medical care system is not a new health insurance system, responsibility has disappeared everywhere)

Asahi.com: 120 km regulation even in Autobahn Germany · Bremen City - International(Automobiles, although the speed was unlimited, but regulations are)

Asahi.com: That swimwear, after all? Japan national team trying on - sports(Sports, seems that performance is too different too)

JASRAC regulations (I did not know) hindering "transfer" to other management companies - Miura Yu no Ura Hut "It is a bit tried. "(Copyright, we are taking countermeasures against outflow to newcomers)

Asahi.com: Indy is also surprised Crystal Skull is made in 19th century Germany - Culture · Entertainment(There are legends, "There are 13 in all, the world will be destroyed unless they are collected in 2012")

Asahi.com: Livedoor appeals trial concluded apology Horyemon, apologetics - society(Trial, judgment is July 25)

Lifehacker Top 10: 10 Free Choice Recovery Tool at Half Year (1/2) - ITmedia Biz.ID(Software, recovery or a lot of recovery tools)

JASRAC's share of 3,000 yen CD sold 1 piece - P2P or some story about it Hatena(Copyright, not to say that JASRAC does as much)

What I learned from my marriage in two and a half years - GoTheDistance(Life, romance and marriage are different things)

Shinkansen cycle created by old bookstores and bookstores in a city - diary of pal - 9999(Book, automatic pocket money generation system for junior high school students without money)

Shogakukan, to unveil talent online on opening manga posting site - ITmedia News(We plan to be able to post manga, illustration, music and animation)

The seventh seminar which does not endure when it is sleep is "big fortune napping" is great answer: ITpro(Health, never taking a nap for more than 30 minutes is strictly prohibited)

Executive committee goes "Get up early birds" executive committee: tips are breathing and half-eyed, "easy-to-use Zen" to concentrate anytime anywhere (1/2) - ITmedia Biz.ID(Switching the health, logical thinking circuit is Zazen)

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