Bike airbags scheduled to appear by 2010

An independent airbag that protects motorcycle riders that will be released far away when there is no door like an automobile and accident happens will be completed by 2010 and it will come out.

There is also a movie tried in the road race world championship and protecting the rider.

Details are as below. Air bag experiment movie.
YouTube - Dainese D-air R Racing airbag stunt test in Adria

Michi Ranseder showed the operation of the airbag in the 125cc class of the Valencia Grand Prix.
YouTube - Motorcycle airbag in 125cc world championship

This airbag "D - air" was developed by DAINESE which sells protectors for motorcycles. It is said that it is designed to protect the neck, shoulder and collarbone with racing airbag. Overturn is detected from the accelerometer, angular velocity gauge, GPS etc installed in the suit, and the airbag is activated.

From around 2:49 seconds you can see the airbag in a state not worn on the body.
YouTube - Dainese D-air Racing LIVE @ ITALIA 1 TV

"D - air" is for the race to the end and it seems that there is no schedule for marketing at the moment. Detail isOfficial siteFrom.

By the way, in a suit-type airbag for motorcycles that is on sale in Japan, infinite lighting company "Hit Air"there is.

Here we connect the motorcycle and the suit with a stretch wire, and the air bag will operate when leaving a certain distance.
YouTube - airbag motorcycle jacket

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