AKB48's ridiculous project Again, this time "Visual Book with Raw Photo"

Previously at GIGAZINE, an idle unit "AKB48"ofAbnormal planning was canceled on suspicion of antitrust violationAlthough I told you that, a ridiculous project has appeared again.

This time it seems that it is a "visual book" with "raw photographs" with the number of sheets impossible to complete.

Details are as below.
AKB 48 Visual Book 2008 4 simultaneous release !!

According to this page, "Visual book" of the idol group "AKB 48" has been on sale from March 18 (Tue).

A visual book is a collection of 53 members of all 53 members in 'A', 'K' '' B '' and '48', one book for each group, four books in total, the price is 1 Volume 2500 yen.

And the problem is "raw photograph" that it is enclosed in each visual book, there are 4 patterns of 53 members of each visual book, total of 212 kinds of series are prepared. In other words, if you combine each series of four visual books, there will be a total of 848 raw photos.

By the way, it seems that 5 visual pictures and 5 stuff with handwritten signature are enclosed in one visual book, but in addition to being randomly enclosed, one book combined with the one with signature Because it contains only 10 pieces per piece, it seems that it is far from completing all 848 sheets. Is this supposed to give up the completion, or is it a fan to complete it?

In addition, it is said that you can participate in a handshake meeting when you purchase at the AKB 48 theater with a set of 4 books, and for those who participated in the handshake party, you are told that you can receive 2 random sheets of 24 types of AKB48 theater-only raw pictures .

It's just random, but if you consider heavy recovery, you really care about how much you can complete as long as you do it.

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