Virus entering Trend Micro site famous for OfficeScan closing

From March 9th around 21 o'clock to March 12 th 11 o'clock thirty minutes, Trend Micro's "Virus database"When accessing part of it, it was said that it was in a state of being infected with virus how. It is safer to scan all of the inside of the PC because those who have seen the virus infected page during this period may have been infected with the virus.

Details are as below.
Falsification of our virus information page | Company information: Trend Micro

Currently, the following sites, including pages that had been tampered with viruses embedded, are closed down altogether.

Virus database

Potentially infected virus is called "JS_DLOADER.TZE"MalwareAnd, a kind of downloader.ZDNet JapanAccording to the attack method is to skip to another site by inserting iframe tags.

Although it is unknown whether this is related or not, a website tampering attack by SQL injection targeting JapanIt is held from night of March 11th (Tuesday) to the present... apparently ...

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