16 GB SDHC cards collapsed as early as possible, it was quite affordable

last month16 GB SHDC memory card that divides 10,000 yen has appearedAlthough I told you, but as soon as the price appeared and price collapse began, even if I thought of it per unit price per gigaby, the sense of cheapness came out.

Details are as below.
Major price comparison site "Price .com"As of February 17, 2008 21:00, the 16 GB SDHC card is 78 thousand yen, which is about 2100 yen less than when we introduced it at GIGAZINE last month.
Price .com - regardless of manufacturer SDHC memory card 16GB price comparison

This is the price fluctuation graph. You can see that it is decreasing by about 1000 yen at a stretch.
Price .com - regardless of manufacturer SDHC memory card 16 GB price change history

In addition, when calculating by the unit price per 1 GB, the SDHC card of the 16 GB model will be about 495 yen, so now it is 450 yen per 1 GB, the lowest unit price is cheap4 GB model SDHC cardAlthough it does not, it is considerably less expensive compared to last month.

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