Mitsubishi Electric releases "Laser TV" of higher picture quality than plasma and liquid crystal television

According to Mainichi Shinbun's report, Mitsubishi Electric announced that it will release the world's first "laser television" with higher image quality than plasma TVs and LCD TVs.

It is said that images will be brilliant because images are projected in a different way from conventional LCD TVs.

Details are as follows.
Laser TV: Large screen and high image quality ... First in the world, released in the autumn this fall - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

According to this article, the laser television announced this time is to direct the red light, the blue laser and the green laser light on the screen, while the conventional LCD TV shows the image by passing the white light through the color filter , The image seems to be brilliant. The thickness is 65 inches and is about 25 cm, which is almost the same as liquid crystal and plasma TV.

It was first released in the US from the autumn this year, and I will consider the release in Japan by seeing the reaction in the USA.

Incidentally before at GIGAZINEI took up a laser televisionWhen it was said that it was said that the picture quality is higher than the conventional liquid crystal, low power consumption, and the price is cheap, but how is it really going to happen?

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