A pajamas to be released from 'itch' during sleep is developed

A pajama with a function to stop body temperature adjustment and itching developed by a designer. This pajama is a hotel chainTravelodgeHowever, I investigated the cause which hinders people's sleep and developed it, and that promises comfortable sleep.

While dancing it looks like "Sell ​​me a pianoIt seems like I'm asking you, but the function side seems to be excellent.

Details are as below.'Itch-free' pyjamas dream comes true - Telegraph

The investigation of the cause that disturbs sleep by Travel Lodge was done to 3000 adults, and 23% of them were found to be suffering from itching due to sleepwear. Pajamas are made of a material called Derma silk and seems to have the effect of reducing itching due to skin diseases such as eczema and dermatitis.

Also, heat and cold are also major causes of sleep disturbance, 66% of the surveyed person seems to feel that the change in body temperature during the night affects the sleep pattern, so that the body temperature is kept constant in pajamas The function to keep is also attached.

This pajamas will be tested at five Travelodge hotels, Heathrow airport, Birmingham Fiveways, Bristol Central, Manchester Central, Edinburgh Central.

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