Eva's deformed series "Petit Eva" episode 2, free on the Bandai channel

"Neon Genesis EVANGELION'S characters are a little apart from the setting of this volume, the deformed series "Petit Eva" that led the Tenaywanha's school life at the 3rd New Tokyo City led by schoolchildren Gendo Gakuen, "the second episode of" cleaning time "Is distributed free of charge on Bandai Channel.

Details are as follows.
Petit Eva "Time for cleaning"

This time the schedule of cleaning the Netfu Gakuen is on the stage, the story that Gendo Gakuen is checking that Shinji and Asuka are cleaning. Ayanami Rei (eldest daughter) said that Shinji "is like a mother" It is said that he is doing squeezing of the dolphin and it is detailed.

The second episode "Time for cleaning" is distributed until March 14th (Friday). The length is only 1 minute 30 seconds, so it can be seen even in a little free time.

Petit Eva (Character introduction)

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