The world's first marijuana vending machine appears

In Japan, which is also called a vending machine powerhouse, various items ranging from juice to oden, T-shirt are sold at vending machines. However, such a marijuana vending machine that is not in Japan was made abroad.

There are places where marijuana for medical use is approved abroad, so it seems that these sales can be done.

Pictures of the vending machine are as follows.Thrillist World's First Weed ATM

Pretty goatsy looks. It is not a server.

To use a vending machine, it is necessary to have a doctor's prescription and fingerprints, a credit card recorded with dosages and favorite stocks. With this vending machine it is now possible to get the marijuana necessary for treatment whenever you like 24 hours.

Marijuana enters into the case and comes out.

This vending machine is already in the trusted dispensing room in Los Angeles, but the reception desk is not open yet. In the future vicodin (analgesic) andViagra,PropeciaIt seems that sales of drugs such as drugs are planned.

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