Guinness Certified, the world's huge resort pool over 1 kilometer in length

It is Guinness Certified world's largest swimming pool in the resort of "San Alfonso del Mar resort" on the southern coast of Chile.

This pool, built over 5 years and the cost of building is about 154 billion yen. And it seems that 300 million yen is required for one year maintenance.

Details are as below.
Try making a splash in the world's largest swimming pool ... it's 1,000 yards long | the Daily Mail

A seawater pool with a total length of about 1 kilometer. Even so, it is huge.

The deepest part is 35 meters, the size is 8 hectares, the volume of water is 250,000 cubic meters.

A boat is prepared as it is too wide

A movie you can see well how it feels
YouTube - Largest swimming pool Chile

The scale looks strange, it's like a huge pool
YouTube - 3 gorditos y una dona

Looking at the map like this

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There are plenty of photos on Flickr
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Official website from below
San Alfonso del Mar

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