A familiar "world masterpiece theater" like a dog in Flanders gets pachinko

Known for such things as "Dog of Flanders" and "Mother's Visit to Misenri", "Anne of Green Gables" "Small Princess Woman Sara"World Masterpiece Theater"Has become a pachinko.

Its name is "Flanders dog and CR world masterpiece theaterThat's right.

Details are as follows.
CR Flanders dog and world masterpiece theater - Ginza Co., Ltd.

According to this page, "Flanders dog and CR world masterpiece theater", "Flanders dog" and "Mother visit to three thousand miles" "Funeral island florene" appears to appear. It is said that we are using the last scene of the impression of each work in directing.

The board's motif is a cathedral that appears in the last scene of 'Dog of Flanders', and Rainbow Illumination and Golden Bell invite us to the moment of unprecedented excitement and joy. Also, catch phrase is "A famous scene we cried at that time, and an impression with the last scene.That's right.

Special movies adopted in the actual machine are also released.
Actual machine liquid crystal direction

According to the following link, there are "advance notice of ascension" which reproduced the last scene of Flanders dog.

Pachinko Vista (Pachisbis): CR Flanders dog and world class master theater FVW

It makes me cry in a different meaning somehow ....

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