Famous patissier edited, FamilyMart's 8th sweet taste review

Family Mart seems to put a lot of effort into sweets, almost every week almost every week the sweets based on some concepts are appearing. This time I ate with FamilyMartDeNAA jointly developed sweets suite by famous patissier. This series has been on sale since May 2007 and seems to be pretty popular.

A review of this sweet "White Chocolate & Strawberry" and "Red Moose" is from the following.
This isPatisserie ISOZAKI"White chocolate & strawberry" supervised by Chef Hisashi Isozaki.

The acidity of strawberry complements the sweetness of white chocolate. It tastes like a child likes it, but a solid finish if you return the back.

Maison de Petit FooleYuki Nishino supervised by chef "red mousse (cassis)".

Cassis mousse is more sour than sweet taste, if anything it tastes adult oriented.

The sales period is until January 24th (Thursday), but when a new sweet comes up it needs attention as it will not be seen from the shelf. Product release is below.

Family Mart × DeNA The eighth sweetness supervised by famous patissier! It will be released on Family Mart in the whole country from December 28 (Fri)!

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