That girl Revolution Utena finally got a decent DVD-BOX

From April 2, 1997 to December 24, 1997, all 39 episodes were broadcast on TV Tokyo series, and appearing many times during the playAbsolute fate apocalypse"A phrase or a strange director, an animation that continues to be loved by still-to-be fans even now with numerous innovative songs"Girl Revolutionary UtenaIt was revealed that it will become a digital remaster DVD-BOX and will return.

In addition to becoming higher image quality than the DVD which was released in the past in terms of image quality, the music is also converted to 5.1 ch as well as the digital remastered complete version CD-BOX will be released And that.

Details are as below.
StarChild: Girl Revolutionary Utena

According to this page, the digital re-master DVD-BOX of the Girl Revolutionary Utena is celebrating its 10th anniversary and will be released in the summer of 2008.

Although details are not clarified, the girl Revolutionary Utena'sMr. Kohihiko Ichihara who served as a director's blogThe state of remastering work is released, and it is said that two-thirds of video editing of 39 stories has been completed.

In addition, already the girl Revolutionary Utena has been made into a DVD once in 1999,It is reported that even if "image quality is not good" because it stuffed five stories on one DVDBesides, since video benefits that were recorded in video and LD version were almost cut, expectation will be higher for this DVD-BOX.

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