1 unit under 5000 yen, cheap terrestrial digital tuner appears

For the complete transition from analog broadcasting to terrestrial digital broadcasting conducted in July 2011, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications released the development specification guidelines for cheap terrestrial digital tuners that can be bought at less than 5000 yen.

This may make cheap digital terrestrial broadcasting enjoyable even on current analog TV.

Details are as below.
Publication of Specification Guidelines for "Simple Tuner" for complete transition of terrestrial digital broadcasting (PDF)

According to this release, it seems that we published the development specification guidelines for simple tuners that can receive terrestrial digital broadcasting and can watch on analog TV for the end of analog broadcasting and the complete transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting in July 2011.

A function that is required to be mounted on a simple tuner. By the way, the picture quality seems to stay as good as analog television.
Attachment: Study result on functions etc of "Simple tuner" (PDF)

In addition, it is mentioned that the simple link should be less than 5000 yen for each simple tuner.

(PDF file)Chapter 4 Problems on the receiving side (1) Improvement of spread of receiver and convenience

Considering the user who wants to enjoy digital terrestrial broadcasting on the current television without much concern for image quality, I would like to have it commercialized by all means.

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