Saint Seiya wearing pure gold cross is released limited

The figures "Saint Cloth Myth (Saint Cloth Myth)" which reproduced the characters appearing in the animated cartoon "Saint Seiya" broke the cumulative number of shipments worldwide since its launch in 2003, exceeding 3 million In commemoration of the sacred cloth (cross) that uses pure gold "Saint Cloth Myth Golden Genealogy Pegasus Seiya" is said to be sold exclusively.

Details are as below.Special memorial product from the popular figure series "Saint Cloth Myth" on sale worldwide "Saint Cloth Myth Golden Genealogy (Zenological Gold) Pegasus Seiya" Late March, 2008 Limited Release Bandai Press release

A figure wearing a cross on a moving figure sold at the time of anime broadcasting becomes a popular item to sell a cumulative total of 5.5 million pieces, and in 2003 he took over the concept and raised the quality "Saint Seiya holy Cloth Myth "series was sold. Despite the fact that TV animation and original comics have already ended, the number of series items exceeded 40, and the world cumulative shipment number exceeded 3 million pieces.

"Saint Cloth Myth Golden Genealogy Pegasus Seiya" that is sold limited this time is based on "Pegasus Seiya Final Bronze Sacred Heart" and has a plated cloth using 99.9% purity gold, There seems to be no high texture and luster. The number of sales will be released worldwide at 20,000 pieces and the planned release date is late March 2008, suggested retail price is 15,550 yen including tax.

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