Headline news on November 19, 2007

Expecting the end value of dollar yen ASK rate at the end of the monthCyber ​​Agent FX campaign to cover 10 million yenI applied for, but honesty The yen appreciation and the yen depreciation have become unpredictable at an unstable level which has never existed before. At the time of writing this article, it is already unusual level to temporarily eat into 109 yen or so and it is extremely difficult to predict what is going on at the end of the month. A situation in which there are too many materials that affect the rate and it is unknown when unexpected unexpected sources can be known normally.

So, I would like to anticipate the 116 yen range without losing my initial expectation with hopeful optimism theory. The reason is simple, because the yen appreciates at the present moment, we will dare to anticipate the yen's appreciation as we continue. Although there are no particular grounds, I just want to put it in reverse. It seems that the application is accepted until 23:59 on November 25, so if you are planning to expectAlert mail shortly before the deadlineWe recommend that you wait until the last minute using.

So, tomorrowNovember 20. In 1938 Iwanami Shoten started publishing "Iwanami Shoten" and in 1940 Hungary, Romania and Slovakia joined the alliance of Japan, Germany and Italy. In 1945 Japan's first bicycle race began at Ogura Bicycle Racecourse. Also, the astronomer Edwin Hubble, who has a name on the Hubble Space Telescope, was born in 1889 and a famous actor, Hisao Dazai, died in 1998, as a president of the octopus octopus in the movie 'Man's Tsuruyo' series.

Today's headline news.
Business Media Makoto: Aiming at wealthy people, major banks expand stores(Targeting customers who wish to operate individual assets centered on banks and baby boomers)

Hiroki Takagi @ Diary at home - I do not like this bank, the category of Oleole Certificate Third Edition(There are problems with banks and security)

What kind of titles are spam mails? Excite News(Security, occasionally there are interesting spams)

System hijacking without clicking: Malware continually intrudes into a famous site WIRED VISION(Security and operation demonstration movies are also released)

Business Media Makoto: The easiest way to get a green card(Memo, you can get a drawing once a year)

When deliberately want to reduce the presence feel soften the line of sight (Today's work tips ver 2.0): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Change memo, change impression by changing focus)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Olympus improved "camera with axisymmetric free-form surface lens"(Hardware, cameras that can shoot in 360 ° Hi-Vision)

AMD officially announces the native quad core "Phenom" for desktop(Hardware, AMD rewind with native 4 core CPU)

Au's "KCP +" compatible 3 models, difficult to release within the year?(Mobile, au flagship machine will not be released within the year?

【Masuda Tawashi's price watch】 Survey the price of one-segment tuner for PC: Digital home appliances information site: Digital Freak(Hardware, price has come down and it is easy to obtain)

"Where are the cathode ray tubes going to where the domestic annihilation is 2010?" IT - Internet news Isa!(Hardware, most of the liquid crystal displays are now in the shop)

Asahi.com: Mavica, QV-10 ... Legendary digital camera 250 points - Comimi Review(Hardware, at the "Digital Camera History" held at the Japan Camera Museum)

EU, to sheep · goat oblige electronic tag(The ultimate means to realize memos and traceability)

Is promotion of women's cosmetics valid in Second Life with high male utilization rate? (Second Life Report): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Net service, Harbor Laboratory entered the domestic cosmetics manufacturer for the first time)

Image temporary saving function added to "Live Search" image search result(It can manage by net service, drag & drop)

We will publish a server that converts NES's ROM file to i-αppli. - CNET Venture View(Internet service, is it okay if the sound does not sound?)

GameSpark - "The most expensive game software" TOP 10(Game, things more than 1 million yen)

In the film main volume · · ·.(Anime, Evangelion New Theatrical Version comes with UCC and Pizza Hut products)

Evangelion: Commentary on the Old Theater Version, Also Includes Past Goods for Release (The Mantan Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Animation, commentary on which Neon Genesis Evangelion can be transferred)

Animate TV, delivering 24 episodes of TV animation "Fate / stay night"(Anime, people who worship life)

F speed VIP (· ω ·) y - ~ This is a jacket of DVD for children's animation ... · · ·? (With spoiler)(The contents are also outrageous while also mentioning the impact of anime and jacket)

Even at karaoke you "Miku Miku ni do it ~ ♪" - MSN Sankei News(Memo,thisDelivered with JOYSOUND)

VOCALOID 2 "Kagamine Rin" preliminary reservation start "Number of reservations this week for Maji" 1st place(There are more reservations than software and game software)

【Net】 Manga house "Koge Domenbo" teacher, Hatsune Miku inspired chord Miku (♂) Picture making movie Nico Nico (pictures included): News Watch 2 Channel(Movie, professional use Nico Nico video)

Nico Nico Douga (RC 2) - I mistook the BGM of Terminator 2 Ⅱ(Movie, words are also mistaken)

Niwango Technology Officer speaks, the key to success of "Nico Nico Video" success - CNET Japan(Net service, implemented ideas in 10 minutes)

Tomorrow: The awkwardness of CM of Genital Aquarion is upgrading(Advertisement, do not make misunderstandings)

(; ^ Ω ^) (Note, the time of event rush soon)

Magical list that you can use when you are over 30 years old in virgin(Story, plenty of variety)

【Attention! 】 Smell odor to good fragrance - MSN Sankei News(Memo, perfume to harmonize the aged odor and make it natural fragrance)

Guinness records, drinking three Tabasco bottles in 30 seconds - South Dakota State, USA - Ameba News [Ameba News](Overseas, there seems to be a strange effect on your body)

Throwing from the third floor of the fire to help infants in Osaka, the neighbors caught exciting news(Memo, calling for neighbors to throw)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: 100% make a successful Kendama(The neta, the degree of difficulty of continuous technique goes up)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I went to the topic McTucky(Fast food, which can eat both hamburgers and fried chicken)

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