Headline news on July 2, 2007

Net research DIMSDRIVE collaborated with Shogakukan DIME, "Questionnaire on image of mobile phone companyAs a result, it seems that docomo is "high", au is "friendly", and Softbank is "challenging spirit". Overall, most of the items that were answered frequently by docomo seemed to tend to have less response in au and SoftBank, and the graph shows that there is a big difference between the other two companies in the "high" and "conservative" images . Also, many of those answered in SoftBank are answered as much by au as well, and Softbank has become the most popular item "There is no image in particular". We are not included in the survey concerning eMobile newly entering WILLCOM or the mobile phone business, but is the impression still thin?

So, tomorrowJuly 3Tuesday. In 1938, Volkswagen Beetle, which will set the record of 21.5 million units sold in the world as the world's largest automobile, was announced, and in 1947 GHQ requested demolition of Mitsui & Co., Mitsubishi Corporation. In 1985 the movie "Back to the Future" was released in theaters in the USA. Also, in 1934 the first generation Tianya Tengo was born, in 1936 a famous cartoonist Tsunodaro was born in "Bitaro no Rotaro" and "Terror newspaper", and in 1935 André Citroen died of Citroen's founder .

Today's headline news.

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - "DoCoMo PHS service terminated" nearly 40% is "not interested"(Mobile, 25% answered "I can not understand")

I went to Hawaii to buy iPhone · Mobile industry industry circumstance extra edition mobile - latest news: IT-PLUS(Mobile, the part negotiating with AT & T is the best for actual use)

WIRED VISION / Worth $ 600 - "iPhone" Short Review(Mobile, truly $ 600 is too high)

One-touch automatic contract of "S! Basic Pack" is over(There was a problem such as mobile, child could access harmful site)

Provide late-night express bus information after the last train at station search(Mobile, I missed the last train but taxi is expensive ... to those who say)

Washing agency service "Deli Wash (Deli Wash)"(Business, laundry substitution service which can accept reception 24 hours)

Yahoo auction Watch I sleep on your behalf(Auction, starting price is 198 yen and no successful bidder)

Numbers can be turned into like youkai ~ "Data is a lie - a method of scientific social survey?" (1 daily book! Nikkei Business Review): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Social survey, a way to figure out a number of suspicious data circulating in the world by yourself)

Speed ​​controls the summer (Tsukuba super flow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Summer shopping battle, since this year is expected to be a hot summer, if the temperature in July to September rises by 1 degree, the gross domestic product will be boosted by 440 billion yen)

Livedoor News - The threatest threat to the stability of the world is the one-third English-speaking survey of the US = Europeans(Peace, 11% in survey targeting Americans)

Insufficient fighting force of IT talent and problem in India (Shinichi Yokohama's "Business Technology Evolution theory"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Human resources, the mechanisms by which universities in India produce human resources and their problems)

Wall that can not be overturned (゚ д ゚) 【sumo wrestling] the first time in the history, the examinee "zero" new sumo wrestling test of disciples - livedoor Blog (blog)(Sports, it is not supposed to be zero)

Rakuten, Repaying the damage amount of Akihabara OG Shokai(Net shopping, the proportion of payment amount is unknown)

ITmedia + D PC USER: Japan base to "Japan Gigabyte United": closure movement in Japan gigabyte(Notes, Giga Bye is Good by?

"2 Channel search" which had been continuing beta testing for 4 years formally installed on the 2-channel top page(Some services such as net, text search and past log browsing use virtual currency "Moritapo")

ITmedia News: New domain ".asia", Registration acceptance started in October(Net, General reception start in 2008)

Information shop. - Back technique of UFO Catcher(Movie, can you do such a thing really)

Although it seems that non-telop OP of new animation CODE-E leaked before broadcasting ----(Anime, Up was made on June 23)

So-net blog "Genesis of Aquarion" Official blog tried(Animation, determined for theater version Aquarion?

Hamburger sells, reasons why 360 can not be sold - [Game industry news] All About(Game, sales in Japan is less than half of PS 3)

Japanese publisher news that is moving to Wii News - CNET Japan(Game, SEGA increased by 96% in Nintendo's hardware development)

About the release of "Memory Stick PRO Duo" "Memory Stick PRO Duo for GAME" 2 GB / 4 GB(For hardware, PSP)

AMD Launches Industry 's First Native x86 Quad - Core Processor in August(Hardware, finally quad core CPU also from AMD)

Digging News: Phonecard Already History Folklore Material - Topic: MSN Everyday Interactive(Culture, at historical folk museum in Kamamoto cho Kasamatsucho, Gifu Prefecture)

WIRED VISION / Collecting expectations "Nicotine Drugs" (1)(Medicine, nicotine has some useful parts for treatment)

Creativity infinite space >> Sakura's dedicated server defenseless(Server, no-guard strategy is dangerous)

Dell introduces thin, lightweight B5 size business note "Latitude D 430" excellent in balance between portability and performance, security function Latest D 430 latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor Ultra low voltage version, standard 1 GB memory installed(B5 mobile notebook which can also select hardware and SSD)

HD DVD drive price revision of 22 products including video / audio products, storage products, network products etc. is implemented, including a large price cut of about 43% at maximum(Note, HDD and wireless LAN router a little more affordably)

J-CAST News: Meiji railway also rebuilt in "rice cracker" There were "two loach" under the willow(Railroad, Choshi Railway is obsessed with the Meiji railway scoring to eliminate the deficit)

Imif www wwww kwwww cheap to escape reality draw a picture that part 1(Image, evacuation of reality nearly half a day)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I've been participating in a road race with a watermelon place(Sports, sweet and may recover from fatigue)

The etymology of Chao is "to be your slave", then Good-bye? [Orbium - Sora noodama](Language, etymology of 'Sayonara' everywhere in the world)

What do you think is: Chinese "~ aloy", Korean "~ Nida", then what about other countries?(Language, you know that you have various images)

It's summer! Curry! Curry shaved ice! It is! It is!(Food, using curry of commercial curry ice)

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