2 Channel search started recruitment of "Net buzzword award 2007"

"2 Channel searchIn the "words" that appeared in 2007, I chose a new word / buzzword that symbolized the event of the past year and thought to have remained in the impression of many people, and was deeply involved in that "word" To honor people / organizationsNet buzzword award 2007It is said to do.

"Words" that are currently nominated candidates are widely recruited, but words that symbolize this year have been entered one after another.

Details are as follows.
Net buzzword Grand Prize - 2 Channel Search

According to this page, the "Net buzzword award 2007" to be held this time widely recruit "noun phrase" to be nominated candidate in November, decided nominations buzzword in early December. And after going through the general vote, it will decide this year's buzzword grand prize while considering the result of voting in the middle of December, awarding the results to the concerned and honoring it.

The nomination candidate "words" can be entered from the following page.

Net buzzword grand prix - 2 channel search entry

In addition, it is possible to see the top 30 words currently entered from the following link. For each word 2ch thread, 2ch ranking, Google, Yahoo !, Nico Nico video, Google image search, Wikipedia search results links are provided.

Trendy Word Grand Prize: List of entered words

November 5, 2007 17:35 The top ten as of now are as follows.

1. Asahiru
2. Ah!
3. Sweets (haha)
4. Takikawa Renaissance
5.Nice Boat.
6. Sweets (haha)
7. Hatsune Miku
8. Nico Nico Douga
9. Self-weight
10.Ab to be

I feel that the top is supposed to be challenging, but which words will ultimately remain?

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