December release schedule "Alien vs Predator" sequel trailer movie

in Japan"AVP 2 Aliens VS. Predator"It will be released from December 28 and overseas from December 25"Aliens vs. Predator RequiemAlthough it is made public with the title of "trailer movie", it is released on the official website and so on. This time it is a mixture of alien and predator "PredereanThings will also appear. I will also publish the image this time.

Details are as below.
A pretty straightforward trailer with Japanese subtitles can be seen from the official website of Japan.

AVP 2 Aliens VS. Predator - Official Site

High-quality trailers that can see part of the actual main video can be downloaded from the following. It has age authentication, it becomes selectable when entering the month, year, year, and you can download it after watching CM after clicking it. It is quite impressive because it has a maximum resolution of 1280.

IGN Aliens vs. Predator Requiem Trailer, Videos and Movies

The image of Predator and alien mixture "Predarian" is below. It certainly seemed like a mix of both.

First look: 'Aliens vs. Predator' is a return to originals' roots -

The official overseas website is from the following. Please be careful as it is a covered sound effect site.


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