Keio University succeeds in developing technology that can operate PC with brain image

Keio University can think of computers in the head "Brain computer interface technologyIt seems that he succeeded in the development of.

By using the image in the brain, it is said to be able to "walk" inside the second life in the world for the first time in the world, there are some movies actually operated.

Details are as follows.
Operate computer with brain image
Succeeded in developing technology that enables "walk" inside Second Life by thinking only in the head

According to this page, the brain computer interface technology which enables walking in the 3D virtual community service "Second Life" by merely thinking in the mind by the medical faculty collaboration project of Keio University medical school and science and engineering department It seems that he succeeded.

In this technique, the machine reads an electroencephalogram and manipulates the computer, and the brain activity of the "cerebral cortex motor field" which controls the movement of limbs by attaching an electrode of 1 cm in diameter to three scalp parts of the operator , It reads the exercise intention of the subject by analyzing the brain activity in real time. When the examinee imagines exercise, you can manipulate characters in Second Life according to exercise image.

It is the world's first attempt to apply this technology to the manipulation of characters in Second Life, and even people with severe movement disorders will open up the possibility of communication and business within Second Life about.

By the way, you can see the video of the demonstration experiment from the following link. The operation method is "image to move the foot" in the head, the character moves forward, and when you do "shake (or hold) the right hand image" the character turns to the right. Of course the same is true when turning to the left. Also, if you relax without thinking anything in the head your character will stop.

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