Living table with person with big success at party

A strange 'living' table that contains a person who made a fancy make-up in the center of a circular party table and makes the party excitement. It is very convenient, such as separating wine and dessert.

Details are as follows.
Living Tables

It helps to separate dishes.

Magician's table. This seems to bring people together.

I am taking cooking here without worrying about the table. Is the place where the person in the table decides the pose?

I wonder if it is being held at the Masquerade Ball ....

A table of Marilyn Monroe.

A person like Andy · Warhol who came to the table of Marilyn Monroe. Cosplay party?

A silver person. I wonder what they imagined.

Silver person, male version. I do not want to get too close.

Stone statue table. I am scared.

Although there is an explanation as "Geisha table", it is not geisha in any way.

Santa's older sister.

Strong impact.

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