How to ride a train in a populated city in the world

In rush hours in urban areas of Japan, the boarding rate gently breaks 100%Mumbai called the world's most populous cityThen it seems to be even ridiculous. There is no closing of the door of the train, there are people who protrude to the outside, and jumping and jumping are performed as natural.

Details are as below.
It seems that the female-only vehicle that comes out per minute and 5 seconds is still not good. - Let's Take A Train Ride In Mumbai !!

The movie of the person who tried to get on the train of Mumbai. I also understand the inside of the car. The train arrives around 1 minute 43 seconds.

Looking out from the entrance is like this. The view is nice.
YouTube - More Mumbai Train

Mumbai seems to be frustrating on the road.
YouTube - Crossroad in Mumbai (Bombay) India

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