Headline news on 7th August 2007

Yahoo! Value Insight wentSurvey on "Billy's Boot Camp"According to it, 48% of the experienced people have realized the diet effect. In the free reply, there are voices saying "It's a painful but fun feeling high", "It will be a muscle pain in the next day, but it seems likely to be effective, so it's fun," "Hard and painful has a sense of accomplishment" . And the intention of the experienced person to continue using is 55%. Although the proportion of people who continue more than the ratio that realized the diet effect is somewhat higher, is there anything that you would like to continue even if you do not feel the effect?

So, tomorrowAugust 8. The Spanish invincible fleet was defeated by the British fleet in 1588, and in 1952 the giant achieved the first professional baseball game of 1000 wins. Japan's first heart transplant surgery took place in 1968, in 2005 the postal privatization bill was rejected at the House of Councilors and the second Koizumi Cabinet dissolved the House of Representatives. Also, in addition to being born in 1902, Physicist Paul Dirac invented the Dirac equation, Mamoru Oshii was born in 1951 with "GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost in the Shell" as a masterpiece, and in 1916 it was founded in 1916 Yoruhi Torazukuni of the person died in 1962, an ethnologist Kanou Yanagida died.

And August 8th is "Bubble wrap day" by Kawachi Sangyo Co., Ltd. making bubble wrapFree distribution of bubble wrap goodsWill be held at the main station all over the country.

Today's headline news.

"Whiplash punishment" Execution video leaks from the net ~ "punishment" and "crime deterrence" | Fun Community Edge count(Note, it seems that it is considerably painful just to hit with a stick, once)

The fat obesity problem, the morgue settled down Australia excite news(Health, professor recommends that emergency measures at national level are necessary)

Technobahn News: National Science Foundation, World's fastest 1 peta FLOPS supercomputer orders from IBM nearby(Memo, dedicated machine to study about global warming)

SOFTBANK MOBILE and au net increase by more than 200,000, docomo net increase ─ ─ number of subscriptions in July - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, Tu-Ka's remaining subscribers to 550 thousand)

CM galler is a dowling account "It will rise by 10 million yen from next month" | Ameba News(Advertising, fluctuation is intense as it is market price)

Business Media Makoto: Increase! Science science girls squeeze wisdom(Approach to academic, junior high school girls)

Japan.internet.com E-Commerce - Clear file authorized principal who designed Mr. Taro Aso starts selling online(Accessories, a bit scary)

A spirit hanging in a moving room ... a video clip on You Tube!(Movie, I did not know until it was a throw)

Strange mobile number - Detective file(Mobile, my voice will come back)

Wakuteka News Urban legend rankings that somehow believed(Urban legend, many things feel nostalgia below 11th place)

Livedoor news - possibility of postponement to terrestrial digital "2011 complete transition"(TV, tuner is too high)

What is the limit of mail address length? Excite News(Memo, the number of characters is decided)

Beijing Olympics, the admission ticket for Japan is largely shortage | Other Sports | Sports | Sankei WEB(Sports, what I requested is 20,000 pieces allocated by 170 thousand sheets)

ARENA】 Jim and swimming pool on this one OK than "Arena" brand New amphibious swimwear "wettable" new release(Memo, amphibious swimming suit)

60 people maid in Akihabara water, "Moe" Does the temperature go down? Hobby My Comics Journal(Life, general people also participate)

Lamb Q For foreigners women's cosplay images are erotic(Cosplay, cosplay at a comic exhibition abroad)

GameSpark - Nintendo Character Collection! Art drawn with 1 billion layers(Image, a masterpiece spent two years until completion)

Anime center, first place in July sales "UCC Eva can" - Akiba economic newspaper(Anime, toilet paper is popular in other rank-in products)

Painful news (No ∀ `) Manga" Sakigake! Male School "is a live-action movie! Actor / Taku Sakaguchi's three acts, starring, screenplay and director(Will it be interesting in movies and live actions?)

Monthly Shonen rival | Comic Grand Prize, new launch | What is Monthly Shonen Rival?(Memo, "Bonbong" Newly launched "Newly launched" Monthly Shonen rival "But the concept?

Nintendo, Wii's latest update to enhance menus and shopping channels(Improve searchability of games and virtual consoles)

Mitsubishi Pencil, "Second Life" as a stationery industry for the first time! ~ Appealing the world of oil ballpoint pen "JETSTREAM" - Service started on Tuesday, September 4(It seems to appeal the writing taste of a smooth ballpoint pen in net service, 3D virtual space)

Digital accessories: Mobile phone charger: Hello Kitty charger(Hardware, girls will be pleased)

AMD, Opteron for 3.2 GHz driven MP added(Hardware, at the same time price revision of CPU is also implemented)

AMD, video card for video memory 2 GB WS "FireGL V8650"(Hardware, video card for workstation with 2 GB memory)

"Nitanita broadcasting (α)" which can comment on the moving picture during live distribution(Internet service, Nifunif movie and nice ...)

Ask.jp, YouTube and Nico Nico videos etc.(Internet service, search across video can be searched)

Mapion, a map bulletin board "Coco Corre" that can write city story(Internet service, a service that can write comments about shops and facilities on the map)

On the Rinkai Line "Shinagawa Seaside" Rakuten Tower front "station(Note, a kind of advertisement same as Tokyo Toei Report announced "Fuji TV front")

Anxious mobile phone peripheral equipment What is the current state of third-party charging equipment?(There are organizations that define quality criteria for mobile, external battery)

■ (PDF file)"Questionnaire on enuresis" Results Treatment of enuresis was found to be a stressful disease for both parents and enuresis(Health, enuresis is worldwide recognized dysuria)

CNN.co.jp Long-term headaches, the cause was picked out 55 years after the "pencil" head - a speech(Health, stuff stuffed at the age of 4)

Potential for coffee to help women prevent memory loss = Research - Reuters.co.jp(Health, no effect on men)

Starbuck, Doutor, Tully's, Accelerate Store Openings with Good Performance | Ameba News(Advancing the opening of stores outside the Tokyo metropolitan area for food and Tully)

Calpis, milky fruit juice beverage "Fruit Calpis" Red grape "released(Food, it looks kinda sweet and sour)

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