The backyard pool was stolen by 4500 liters of water that was in it

One day when Daisy Valdivia woke up, the pool of 3 meters in diameter in the backyard was completely gone, and the traces of 1,000 gallons (about 4500 liters) of water spilled in the pool could not be found anywhere is.

Details are as below.
Full swimming pool stolen, not a drop spilled -

The incident occurred in Bergen Country, New Jersey. A crime committed between 5 am, when Mr. Daisy Valdivia went to bed from 1 am when Mr. Daisy woke up. There was 1000 gallons (about 4500 liters) of water in the pool, but there was no trace of water scattering or spilling around. She was amazed at the situation that the pool was stolen in such a short time and I was stumped how I steal it with water.

I am surprised why he botherly took the trouble to "Why do you have two grilles, chairs, umbrellas and other things that you can take more easily?" The police clearly announced that it was a systematic crime and said, "I can tell by thinking a little, it is not the same as stealing a bicycle while walking."

Will there be a thief that makes the pool want with water as it gets hotter?

Fixed 2007/07/27 12:55
The incident occurred not in Norway but in Bergen Country, New Jersey, USA. I apologize and correct it.

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