Headline news on June 25, 2007

From Thursday 19th July (Thursday) to Mos Burger's in Amusement Park "Fuji-Q Highland" where the walking distance is the world's best horror houseNew store opens (PDF file)That's right. What is worrisome is "Fujiyama Burger" that it is sold only for this Mos Burger Fuji-Q Highland shop. This is an image of the popular attraction in the park "King of Coaster Fujiyama", it contains two patties and a lot of vegetables, it seems to be a considerable volume burger. MegamacIt was a tremendous popularitySo, it may be popular here as well. I'd like you to release it all over the country, not limited to the store, but can not you expect sales if it is the ordinary Mos Burger customer base?

So, tomorrowJune 26Tuesday. A group disappearance of about 130 children who became the prototype of Hameln Furukuki in 1284 occurred in Hameln, Germany, and the Civil Proceedings Law was promulgated in 1996. In 2000, there was the first damage of the Snow Brand group food poisoning case, and in 2003 the Supreme Court judged the law for punishment of homosexuality to be constitutional. Also in 1928 Dr. Nakamatsu Nakamatsu and Dr. Nakamatsu Yoshiro were born. In 1970, a famous cartoonist, Takeshi Konomi, who is famous for "The Prince of Tennis", in 1977, Kubo Belt, which is currently serializing "Bleach" A person was born. And although the birth is unknown, it is born on June 26th that Papillon who is a character appeared in the manga "armed alchemy" and the fighting gang Bingo is.

Today's headline news.

"Pandora 's medicine box" (Tsukuba superflow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Cancellation of advertisement to combat popular drugs, specified health foods (Tokuho) and supplements (nutritional supplements))

Is the donut shop 's financial statement "It was sweet"? (Yuko Sugita's "U.S. Emerging Corporate Accounting Forefront"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Management, about the dressing settlement that Crispy cream · donut once used to do)

Investment trust, are you really profitable? (Kill the news): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(The investment seems to have a bigger return if the commission is cheap)

Painful news (No ∀`): middle-aged virgin ... Why are you born? Bloating the "romantic capitalism"(Love, "I have no experience of sexual intercourse" was 17.1% at 25-29 years old and 6.3% at 30-34 years old)

"Performance of MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird was thoroughly compared and found by users," surprising result "--- From OSC 2007.DB: ITpro(Database, MySQL if there are many updates and JOIN, PostgreSQL is suitable for simple SELECT subject)

Window Forest - 【NEWS】 Apple, released "Safari" v3.0.2 beta version compliant with Japanese display standard(Software, Japanese that could not be displayed until the previous version is displayed as standard)

Awesome negative jobs(Image, I want to work this)

Alfalfa mosaic "Non-regular workers will be broken with death from overwork / depression / suicide / sexual harassment"(Labor, being assaulted by parents' home and being a crime)

Hamster breaking 2 Really such a guy came wwwwwwww(Story, home guard who came to the interview)

Nintendo's total market capitalization of 6,440 billion yen, Matsushita(Business, DS effect Sugosugi)

[Yuri Diary] - Yomiuri Morning Paper "Dennou coil" is acclaimed(Anime, NHK so high quality)

Nikkyo Thread Guide The age when I was paying 9800 yen to the Nintendo cassette. ~ Do you know?(Does the game with SFC built-in TV have done 100,000 too?)

Murushina Play Statement (1) | Amusement Game Heaven(You can laugh at the game, but the game has not started yet)

Sega develops RPG for BioWare and Sonic: News - CNET Japan(RPG of game, Sonic !?)

U.S. Army started to develop "asymmetric permeable shield" using metamaterials - Engadget Japanese(Military, inner shield through shield through the outside through)

The youkai bronze statue is broken again "Iwaki Shobo" | Topics | Society | Sankei WEB(Crime, Mizuki Shigeru Road goes on and off fast)

Billy talks about the real intention, past, and future Diet · Esthe · Beauty Oricon ranking(Health, BGM was also composed by Billy)

Billy is too strict "successors" successively(Health, demonstrate demons in events as well)

Going diagonally "Okuno Research Institute WEBLOG" - Local digital divide(It is a common story that a PC wore a dust when you go back to your home, life)

Funny story (Submission) - reflection! Before for forcing(There seems to be a collapse when using a personal computer for a person of life, PC phobia)

University teacher's daily / extraordinary: No. 5.(Although it is impossible for schools and teachers to grasp the information of all the students, etc.)

Imaginary Lines - Remarks I found in the trash of yesterday(It seems to be about politics, the basic law concerning measures against declining birthrate)

ITmedia Enterprise: arrested suspects of mobile phone virus creation(Mobile, a virus infecting mobile phones equipped with Symbian OS)

Please forgive me ...!(Memo, Hikaru Utada's picture is good)

KDDI Company Info: News Releases> Au Mobile Phone New Lineup "W52CA" and "Bone Conduction Receiver Microphone 01", "Portable Charger 01" Start Of Sales(Mobile, bone conduction receiver microphone may be good for the elderly)

Service to monitor site lock, slander slandering on the Internet to companies(Monitoring net service, internal accusations against companies, etc.)

Yahoo! News - japan.internet.com - The day the sound disappears from the net radio on June 26(Expanding campaigns on the nationwide scale to raise song usage fee rates in Internet services and Internet radio)

Excite, a service translated by a professional translator within 24 hours(2,500 translators selected based on net service, past achievements etc., translated within 24 hours)

Improvements in "Opera 9.5" coming soon will be revealed(Software seems to be faster than ever)

"Shockwave Player" Infects Trojan Horses from Fake Pages, SANS Warns(It seems that it happens when accessing suspicious site about security, MMORPG "Runescape")

Family mart nationwide, iD / Edy available from July 10(Shopping, it is more convenient than the original electronic money)

Slashdot Japan Google, US government requested to fight censorship(Censorship, requests the government to eliminate censorship outside the United States)

A blog that enjoys YouTube (· ∇ ·) Do you want to eat a convenience store with 40 people eating big! Is it?(Excluding food and beverages)

@ Nifty: Daily Portal Z: Store where water carries sweetness(Feel like sushi with food and water)

Rotating sushi 's speed is getting faster recently? Excite News(It seems that food and machinery are improving and it is getting faster)

"Sapporo Oolong Brown BLACK" New Release Information - Oolong tea with a rich flavor with richness and sharpness matching oil-like diet! ~(Extracted to dark eyes, color and taste)

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