Top 5 most valuable currencies in the world

In countries where the economy is unstable due to civil war, political instability, etc., the fluctuation of currency value will increase. This is the top five of the lowest value currencies in the world announced by the American version of Foreign Policy of American review magazine. Considering the circumstances, it is the choice of consent.

Foreign Policy: The List: The World's Worst Currencies

Somali Shilling:Somalia

ByKiklub DK

Somalia broke out in 1991Civil war in SomaliaSince then, since the central government does not exist, the economy is completely collapsed. "Battle of MogadishuAs drawn in the movie "Black Hawk Down" it is very famous that the intervention by the United Nations ended in failure. The end of the civil war can not be seen, and in 2007 the interim government forces are controlling almost all of Somalia. The currency is Somali Shilling (SOS). The value plummeted due to massive counterfeit circulation, etc. Dollars, euros, Saudi Arabia and Riyals are also circulating in Somalia, and Somaliland Schilling, the currency of Somaliland who declared independence from Somalia, is more stable State. The exchange rate is 1 dollar = 1387.77 Somali Shilling, 1 Somali Shilling = about 0.09 yen.

Iraqi New Dinar:Iraq

ByCharlie Chalk

Since Iraq is an oil producing country, it is responsible for most of the economy with oil exports. However, as the pipeline and oil production facilities were destroyed by the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, etc., they have been hit hard. The inflation rate in 2006 is about 50% on average since the cost of security and gasoline shortage, as well as the dealer selling gasoline at a garbage price. It reached 66% at maximum. The currency is Iraqi New Dinar (IQD), the rate is 1 dollar = 1260 new dinar, 1 new dinar is about 0.1 yen.

North Korean won:North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)


In North Korea, when the government started market reform experimentally in 2002, a sharp rise in prices occurred, rice price seems to have increased by 550%. It is said that the currency is North Korean Won (KPW), the official rate is 141 won (1 won = about 0.87 yen) ... 1, but in the yami market more than 1 dollar 2500 won (1 won = about 0.05 yen or less ). Previously the same as the highest leader · Kim Jong Il's birthday (February 16) same dollar = 2.16 won was fixed in some cases.


ByMiguel Herrera

Venezuela keeps recession due to inflation due to large-scale public expenditure and capital outflow by President Chávez nationalization route. President Chávez seems to say that "Venezuelan currency uncertainty can be ended" by reintroducing the "12.5 cent coin". The exchange rate of Bolivar (VEB) is 1 dollar = 2150 bolivar (1 bolivar = about 0.06 yen), but here also there is a yamireate, it seems that 1 dollar = 4110 bolivar, 1 bolivar = about 0.03 yen.

Zimbabwe Dollar:Zimbabwe


It seems that the reason why Zimbabwe does not grow despite the prosperity of neighboring African countries is in Mugabe, President. Representative of President Mugabe's economic faults is agricultural land reform that began in 2000. When we implemented a policy to forcibly accept large farms owned by white people, the know-how that white farmers had had had disappeared, and the yield of agricultural crops drastically decreased. Furthermore, due to the seriousness of food shortages caused by drought, it seems that it recorded 600% inflation at the end of 2003 and the worst inflation rate after World War II of over 1000% in April 2006. The currency is Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD) = $ 250 Zimbabwe Dollar, 1 Zimbabwe Dollar = about 0.5 Yen, again with 1 Yen Dollar = 750 Zimbabwe Dollar, 1 Zimbabwe Dollar = about 0.16 Yen.

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