A shabby relaxation device "Alphalounger"

It is an unusual shape relaxation device. I'd like to relax like this in a relaxed way, about half a day to relax.

Details are as follows.

Looking from the side like this. It looks like a cradle and it looks like it will move.

If I put it alone, it looks like an object. It is quite easy to see that this device itself is shining blue.

However, when more than one is placed it creates a strange atmosphere. It is like a "control room of an alien ship".

This is the designer sha.

Anything, music flows from the head placement, vibrations and comfortable warmth, blue light and this unique shape seems to invite a deep relaxation. He was issued a festival at Hôtel de Paris in Monaco and received a European SPA Award. It seems that it was also exhibited in the Beauty Fair in London.

London's Beauty Show Opening Expanding Health and Beauty Boom - UK AFPBB News

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