Niconico video announces "Nico Nico Declaration (Tentative)"

Nico Nico Douga announced today "Nico Nico Declaration (Tentative)" consisting of four declarations that showed what we aim for the future.

We declared that we aim to build a human-centered virtual world on the net, in addition to realizing services that can comment on everything, aiming collective knowledge with emotions like human beings.

Is it going to build in matrix?

Details are as below.
Nico Nico Douga (γ) - Nico Nico Declaration

The content of the declaration on this page is as follows.

First Declaration Nikoniko aims for collective intelligence with human emotions rather than inorganic collective intelligence
It is said that the essence of web 2.0 is to create collective intelligence using the global web as a medium, but we would like to aim at making its collective knowledge equipped with personality and emotion. Many collective intellectual aims aimed at by the current net are composed by mechanically collecting individual human labor and behavior as parts. It can be likened to a historical feat of human wisdom and effort in a virtual world such as the Grand Canal and the pyramid in the real world history. But, like human beings living in the real world, human beings in the virtual world are not living only to do historical feat separately, but they only laugh when there is something fun, they cry if there is sad things We live like everyday life.
We aim to create collective intelligence that projects the figure of the life-size person living in such a virtual society itself. It has feelings and personality, and changes like life itself, flows, lifespan is complete, and new things are born. It is such gathering knowledge. Our collective intelligence is not aiming to converge to the truth, it is collective intelligence that will not be completed forever without continuing to share troubles and troubles together as a human partner. We aim to become a future internet society where collective intelligence with such a human warmth coexists with humans.

In other words, is not collective intelligence that converges mechanically, is it collective intelligence that continues to exist universally changing its shape in response to changes in the constituent person?

The second declaration Nikoniko aims for a service that can comment on everything
We do not aim for collective knowledge that extracts and purifies only knowledge from humans. What we collect is not human knowledge but human knowledge itself. Representing the feelings that human beings have thought of something is nothing but an act of human beings living in society. We realize the act of living human being by providing new communication means on the net. It is never a purpose to take data as a life log. Data is only generated as a memory of human activity. Saving data is not for analyzing / tabulating, but for keeping memories like photo albums.
In order to realize the above, as the most fundamental communication means of expressing human emotions on the net, we first chose the act of attaching comments to something. In the future, from the context of human emotional expression means, the concept of attaching comments may be more diversified and expanded, but what we pursue continues to realize the act of living human beings on the net Is that.

I do not know exactly what to do, but to make it possible to add comments to everything.

Third declaration Nikoniko aims to build a human-centered virtual world on the net
Does the net first became those of the general public dating back to the personal computer age? At that time, the net presented a new communication model where humans are connected. It proved that human beings can live not in the real world but also in the virtual world. As the Internet begins to spread and the potential potential and value of the net become clear, the net is changed to a place where a new business model is presented rather than a place of human communication, and people's emotional contacts Instead, it became the world where the huge money is caught. It may be that it could not be helped in the process of forming the order of the huge new world called the net. However, as it is also settling down and being shouted out loudly as coming as the arrival of the Web 2.0 era, we will try again to reconstruct the net as a place of communication between humans. We define Web 2.0 as neither innovation nor new business opportunities but as a so-called web renaissance to restore human-centered virtual society.

Is not that it is not aiming at a world like a matrix?

Fourth Declaration Nikoniko will provide net service as a work that interacts with users
Nico Nico's internet service has personality and a world view. What we want to offer is not a useful infrastructure. It is one work completed by communicating mutually with the user from an equal footing standpoint. What we want to make is not a service everyone accepts. The Internet service we create has personality and gives new values ​​to users. We are aiming for net service as a human-made work. In the virtual world of the net, infrastructure such as electricity, water supply and sewerage and roads has already been set up. From now on, culture and entertainment in the virtual world will be required. Nico Nico offers what you want to offer, if it is only for human survival, it may not be necessary, but it is a service that you would like to cherish a user to live like a human being in a virtual world.

It is to create culture and entertainment interactively with users.

· Additional notes
Mr. Hiroyuki Nishimura is summarizing the summary on the developer blog of Nico Nico Douga.

What is the Nico Nico declaration. (As a result)

Apparently it seems to be summarized as "winning if it is funny", "I'm not a good long-awaited person", "what I think is interesting".

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